Numbers at Leichhardt House are limited. Prospective boarders are asked, at their earliest convenience, to return a completed ‘Application for Enrolment’ form which will hold a place at the Hostel, pending an enrolment interview. Hostel staff will then contact prospective boarders and arrange a suitable date/time for the interview at which the boarder and parent/carer will be asked to provide a copy of their two most recent school reports. The purpose of the enrolment interview is to establish first, whether our boarding arrangements will be suitable for the individual and his/her family situation and second, whether a suitable opening is available in terms of age/gender and the dynamics/projected dynamics of the Hostel population at that time. A key element of this process is to clearly outline our boarding structure and the day-to-day systems and routines we have in place to ensure a safe and efficient communal living environment for everyone; we will also highlight the behavioural expectations and academic obligations required of every boarder at Leichhardt House. If a place is offered, the boarder and parent/carer are required to commit, in writing, to abide by our Hostel guidelines and expectations by signing a ‘Boarder Agreement’. Also required at this time is a non-refundable booking fee fee of $100.00, this payment confirms the boarder placement.



Centrelink Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC) funding may be available to cover all or part of the fees charged by Leichhardt House; our advice is to apply to Centrelink at least one term prior to commencement. If approved, Centrelink AIC funding is then paid automatically to the Hostel at the start of each school term; provided that the boarder remains entitled. Boarders that do not meet Centrelink AIC funding criteria are required to pay their fees directly to Leichhardt House.


Leichhardt House Student Hostel is a ‘not for profit’ organisation; all our operational expenditure including staff wages, food supply costs, fuel, utilities and ongoing maintenance and repair costs are financed entirely by boarders fees. Therefore, we require that all fees are paid in full by the end of the first week of term. Any boarder that has not paid their fees by the end of week three will be asked to leave the Hostel until all outstanding fees, as well as the fees for the remainder of the term, are paid in full. Where an application for Centrelink AIC funding is in progress during this time, evidence from Centrelink is required to this effect. If the application for Centrelink AIC funding is subsequently declined, all outstanding fees to date, as well as the fees for the remainder of the term are to be paid in full. Fees for the 2018 school year are set at:

Term 1: $2,034.00;

Term 2: $2,056.60;

Term 3: $2,079.20;

term 4: $2,079.20.


Barring exceptional circumstances, four weeks notice of withdrawal of a boarder's enrolment is required in all cases. A part refund of fees already paid may be available once the four week notice period has been served. In the case of a refund of fees paid through Centrelink AIC funding; we are required to return all unused amounts to the 'Collector of Public Money' at Centrelink in Lismore, NSW, from where a refund may be claimed.